Frameline can professionally hang your picture frames in your home, workplace or gallery. We can offer you advice on layouts, heights and positioning to ensure things look their best. Scott Pickett has over 15 years of experience working with people and organisations to get the finished look you are wanting.

We service the greater Geelong region and surrounding areas. Jobs in Melbourne are possible but processed on case by case basis. We can also come to your home or business office to provide a quote or advice in selecting the best position and procedure for hanging your beloved piece safely on the wall.

We hang everything from fine arts pieces,prints, photos, posters, memorabilia to mirrors, wall sculptures, fabrics and just about anything.

  • Picture wall Ideas
  • Gallery Hanging Systems
  • Deliveries can be arranged
  • Residential & Commercial Installation
  • Fine Arts Handling
  • Gallery Setups
  • Print Frame Hang all from one store all can be done from home just by emailing image
  • Whole Gallery Organising from start to finish
  • Nothing is to heavy or big to hang